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Boat Rental Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I take the boat around to the Gulf side (the beach)?
Each boat has a designated boundary for how far out you can take it. Please see the badges on each boat’s details to see what boundary the boat you like has. Some of the smaller boats must remain in the back bay only, and some can go as far as Sanibel and Captiva.
Do I need a boat captain license to rent a boat?
No, all you need is a valid driver’s license for an automobile. Be sure to have it with you when you arrive at the marina. With regard to operating the boat, we provide a quick instruction on the basic operation of the boat when you are on the boat at the dock.
What should we bring with us on the boat?
The vitals are usually: sunscreen, water and a smile! It is smart to bring a towel, cooler, possibly some sandwiches if you are out for a full day. (our Ship’s Store has a lot of items for sale, and Publix has a deli for sandwiches, which is directly next door.).
How early do I need to show up?
We highly recommend that you arrive at minimum 15 minutes before your rental time. It takes a few minutes to get organized on the boat, sign the boat rental document etc… Late arrivals cannot be made up later in the day so if you are late you are cutting into your rental time.
Is there a map of the area on the boat?
Yes, all boats come equipped with a map, and our staff are more than happy to show you some interesting areas to visit while on the boat, just simply ask for recommendations on things to do, and places to go. 
How much gas and oil will I use?
It depends what you do during your day on the water. If you just head to a beach and hang out for the day, you will use very little gas (not even $20 worth). If you drive around a little more, especially if you are in one of the Aquasports or Dual Console boats, you will use more gas than if you are in a pontoon. Also, it depends how far you travel, and how many hours you have rented the boat for. 
Do we need fishing licenses to fish off the boat?
Yes. If you are a Florida Resident an annual saltwater fishing license is $17. Non-residents of Florida have 3 options: Nonresident Annual License ($47), Nonresident 3-day License ($17) or a Nonresident 7-day License ($30). Licenses are available for purchase online at or over the phone at 1-888-FISH FLORIDA (347-4356)